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company: HangZhou MG Gas Control Co.,Ltd.
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Room 9-3-302,Chongwen Building, #36 MaChen Road , West Lake District,
HangZhou, Zhejiang, China PC :310012
TEL: 0571-88228802
FAX: 0571-88394537
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HangZhou MG Gas Control Co.,Ltd
is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in making kinds of gas controllers, such as thermocouple, magnet unit, millivolt generator, and oxygen device of safety, which are widely used in gas stove, gas heater, gas cooker, gas barbecue grill and other gas appliances.
Gas appliance flame protection methods
To security needs, gas flame protection device is required, the relevant national standards which are also mandatory. At present the commonly used flame protection in three ways: Thermal, Thermoelectric and Photoelectric.
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