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Magnet Units
Fitted to a thermocouple, it acts as a flame failure safety devise in gas appliances, closing the gas supply depending on the thermocouple.

Magnet units do not require separate approval. The approval organizations include them in the gas control.
Installation :
·The magnet unit must not be exposed to knocks, dust or dirt during its assembly.
·The connections must be free of grease,oil and other elements which would impede the continuity of the electrical current.
·No grease , glue or sealing compound used during its installation should be allowed to penetrate the unit.
·No force in excess of 40N should be used to tighten the unit and it must be progressive and not impact.
Materials characteristics :
Valve seat:aluminium, brass
Housing: polyamide
Spindle :Stainless steel or Brass
Seal : Fluorin Rubber, NBR rubber
Types of connection to thermocouple : fixing nut , coaxial, faston
Max torque(tighten seat):25 Nm
Max torque(thermocouple nut): 4 Nm
Working temperatures :
-NBR: 80°C
- Fluorin rubber : 120°C

Technical Specification:Typical Thermcouple Outlet
Performance of the thermocouple is variable by flame temperature and the temperature differential between the tip and the cold junction area.
A Typical off load and on load performance chart is shown below

Maximum Drop-out time: 60 seconds typical depending on application.
Operation temperature of the tip : 400C to 750C
Operation output : 8mV to 13mV on load in a working temperature of 400C to 600C
Minimum bend radius of outer conductor 15mm to inside edge off tube.

Typical Thermocouple Response Time

1. Type of conection to magnet unit: Nut, Coaxial, Faston
2. Lengths: 170-2500mm
3. Maximun temperature (head): Depending on the head type, up to 700°C maximun.
4. E.M.F. in open circult: ≥30mV(Normal) ≥16mv(Fast action)
5. Inner resistance: 8.5+0.22*L(mΩ)

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